Even after the report came negative, Quarantine ended, Jamaat members jailed Purul Yogi police!


Bangla Hunt Desk: The prevalence of coronary virus in India (India) is increasing daily. Coroner's report has been found positive in many members of Tablighi Jamaat in the country. On the other hand, action is being taken against the Tablighi Jamaat this time. In Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh foreign pilgrims have been convicted of violating passport and visa rules. And this time they are being sent to jail.

Strong action is being taken against the Tabligh Jamais in Uttar Pradesh. Indonesia, Indonesia and Thailand have been jailed after the Quarantine Period ended. Bahraich Police arrested a total of 20 people, including four foreigners from Indonesia and Thailand, from the Taj and Qureshi mosques in the city. Who were kept in quarantine for so long.

At the end of the Quarantine Period, 20 Tabligh Jamaatis, including 4 foreigners, were presented to the Magistrate. Five of them were found guilty of violating visa and passport rules, and were sent to jail. Earlier, all of them were sent to Quarantine because of the danger of transmission of the virus. Their report was found to be negative.

Against all of them against the IPC section 28, 23, 23, 4 of the epidemic law (1) of the city Kotwali police station of Bahraich, section 12 (3) of the passport law (3), section 1 (b) of the Foreign Affairs Act. In addition to ১৪ (c), a case is filed in accordance with section 3 of the Disaster Act (20).

Superintendent of Police Bipin Kumar Mishra said, on March 7, police had received information that some members of the Tablig Jamaat were hiding in the Quraishi and Taj mosques in the city. The search was carried out there, two Indians were arrested from Taj Taj Mosque, including two Indians from Thailand and three Indians from Qureshi Mosque. They were then sent to Quarantine.

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