Even if you have money, you will not live! Indore police grabbed the owner of an expensive car by the ear


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken strict action against the corona virus. He has locked down the next day to keep the service normal and under control. Thirty days have passed. The number of victims is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Now the period of lock down is increasing as the time goes by. Several states are extending the lockdown until May 3.

Strict ban has been issued on going out. Many people have violated lock down in various places. On the streets of Indore, a young man disobeyed the lockdown and was out in a Porsche. And getting an empty road and driving at high speed has been punished in Hatena. Unfortunately, the city's security council punished him by holding his ear when he saw him breaking the rules.

The 20-year-old from Indore was driving at high speed when he found an open road. And during this time the city's security council punished him with retired army officers, paramilitary forces and the police. The young man was punished even after apologizing a lot.

Deepak Darani, the son of a local businessman, has been identified. But that did not help. However, Mr Darani's city security council later filed a case against the retired army officer, paramilitary forces and police. The corona virus seems to be getting stronger. And the number of coronaviruses is increasing by leaps and bounds.