Every Friday, worship the mother Santoshi, the mind will be full and peace will return


BanglaHunt Desk: There is a practice of worshiping Santoshi Maa to fulfill the desires. In the early sixties, the first preaching of the foster mother began. Sophisticated mothers continue to grow in popularity through verbal stories, brochures, posters, etc. Jodhpur (Jodhpur) has a temple of Santoshi Devi from ancient times. The goddess was born on Purnima Tithi on Friday. That is why Friday is the day chosen for the beating of the saint.

The offspring mother is a quadriplegic blood clot. The saint's mother holds a trident and a sword in two of her four hands, and in the other two holds a coffin and a sword of destruction. The trinity of the mother is a threefold symbol and the sword is a symbol of wisdom. According to mythology, Ganesh's two sons were auspicious and wishing to gain, they would put the sister in the hands of the sister. To fulfill their desires, the father created the goddess Santosh as daughter of Ganesh. Since he was created to fulfill the wishes of the grandfathers, his name is Santosh. The day was Rakhi Purnima day and Friday. The goddess of contentment, the goddess, fulfilled all the wishes of her devotees, she was called Santosh Maa.

It is forbidden to provide tactile products and supplements in the worship of mother Santoshi. The mother's prasad must be given in small quantities to the national animal. Every Friday the saintly mother is consecrated. In the worship of the mother, Ghee has to be given a lamp. On Friday, a person can worship his mother in a purified garment by bathing with devotion. The pots should be set up by boats, kettles, gallopers. Mango can not be given. All flowers in Pujo, belpaa must be given.

The figurine has to be painted and mixed with ghee in ginger. In this way, one has to fast on Friday. You will suffer from soaked raisins, jaggery, sweet fruits. After the worship, to break the fast, milk, boiled potatoes with potatoes, sweet fruits, water should be taken.

On the day of celebration of the vow 1 boy should be served. On the day of celebration of the vow, you will have to dedicate 5 salty sugar to the mother without sacrificing the goat. A coconut bursting coconut water should be given to the mother. In this way, if the mother performs the satisfaction of the mother, your mother will be happily filled with happiness. And by the grace of the mother, all the badness, sorrow, unrest will be removed.

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