Everything you need to know when playing Lost Ark


Smilegate and Amazon Games have released Lost Ark, a massively multiplayer online game. The highly anticipated title mixes classic MMORPG cliches such as a top-down view, tonnes of loot, and a surprisingly deep storyline with a top-down view, tonnes of loot, and a surprisingly deep storyline. You could feel overwhelmed by all the systems thrown at you if you’re just getting started with Lost Ark.

Lost Ark frequently fails to provide you with all of the information you require to handle whatever it throws at you. There are many things that go unnoticed or are frequently disregarded that can aid with everything from combat to inventory management. All of that knowledge is gathered in one place in this guide.

While the game’s speed is excellent, there’s no denying that the game’s personalization possibilities, numerous classes, thousands of menus, and vast Arkesiaenvironment can be frightening. If you want to employ more wholesome strategies in your game, use lost ark cheats with speed hack to help you master your game.

Here are a few guidelines for beginners to keep in mind when playing Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Explore the game’s configuration

Not only will you want to practise your skills, but you’ll also want to experiment with your setup and available powers. Lost Ark makes respecting your construct simple (and free), so take advantage of it to find a layout that suits your playstyle.

Most classes are rather adaptable and may be used in a multitude of ways, so don’t be afraid to drastically alter your character’s appearance.

Learn how to level up fast

Lost Ark is a game that only reveals its true gameplay loop until you’ve reached the endgame, for better or worse. This means you’ll want to level up as quickly as you can. Completing Main Quests is the best way to attain that goal, but picking up a few Side Quests as things become tough isn’t a bad idea.

These will frequently reward you with helpful gear or resources that can help you boost your overall power, making it easier to defeat high-level bosses during Main Quests.

Complete your quests for efficiency

The only quests you should ever be concerned with or follow are your Main Story Quests (MSQ). The MSQ alone will practically get you to Level 50, which is the level required for endgame stuff. Once you’ve completed the Luterra Region and are assigned to other continents, the blue World Quests will take the place of your MSQs.

You should always complete Guides Quests in addition to the MSQ. These usually introduce game features and provide incentives connected to those elements. They don’t have to be completed straight away, but they do provide useful information.

Remember to get roster bonuses

There are several benefits available in Lost Ark that affect every character you possess on a single server. You may notice a lot of red circles on the bottom right of your screen as you level up your characters. You must claim notices for Roster levels, Rapport, titles, and many other bonuses before you can earn any rewards.

Use your potions carefully

There are two types of potions to utilise in Lost Ark: healing and HP. HP potions restore a percentage of your HP in an instant, while healing potions restore health over time. Both potions will be abundant as you level up your characters; yet, they are used in distinct ways.

While both healing and HP potions can be used while touring Arkesia, only HP potions can be used during Guardian Raids and other late-game activities. Save your HP potions for endgame content if possible, as they are a limited resource.

Use Phoenix Plume wisely

You have two options if you die: revive at the nearest village or utilise a Phoenix Plume. Phoenix Plumes allow you to resurrect just where you died, rather than having to run all the way back. When you’re in a Chaos Dungeon or Guardian Raid and need to be resurrected on the spot to slay a boss faster, these can come in handy.

You may have an abundance initially, but if you use them too much, they will rapidly become scarce. Phoenix Plumes can be obtained through side missions and other means, however they should be viewed as a valuable resource.

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