Ex-boyfriend Himanshu's explosive remarks after hearing the news


Banglahant Desk: Popular singer Neha Kakkar is finally getting married. He is going to tie the knot with Punjabi singer Rohanpreet Singh, it has been heard recently. This time, ex-boyfriend Himansh Kohli opened his mouth with the rumor of Neha's marriage.

Himangsa Kohli, her one-time boyfriend, opened her mouth to spread rumors of Neha's marriage. In her words, Neha has found someone in her life, she is happy to know that she is getting married. Neha be happy in the future, that is what the actor wished.

At one time, the singer was in a relationship with Himanshu Kohli. The relationship between the two lasted till marriage. But before that, Neha and Himanshu separated. Now, of course, the singer has overcome the pain of separation.

It is heard that Neha is getting married to popular Punjabi singer Rohanpreet Singh. They are planning to get married this month. Even the conversation about marriage has become a kind of final between Neha and Rohanpreet. The wedding party is going to be held in Delhi. However, it has been reported that the grand wedding ceremony of Corona will not be so glamorous.

Rohanpreet is rumored to be sharing photos with Neha on his social media handle. At the moment, the two are busy promoting their new song 'Diamond Ka Chhallar'. Some netizens claim that the rumors of Neha and Rohanpreet's marriage have spread for the sake of promoting the upcoming song.

Just like before, rumors of the singer's marriage to Aditya Narayan spread on the stage of Indian Idol. There was a lot of noise about the matter at that time. It was later learned that this was the reason for the promotion of the song 'Goawale Beach May'.

Incidentally, last year, rumors of Neha's marriage to Indian Idol stage host Aditya Narayan reached a climax. It was heard that Neha and Aditya are going to tie the knot at the end of last year. But later it was found out that the whole thing was rumored to increase the TRP of the show. Even Neha herself said that Aditya is her only good friend.