Ex-father-in-law refuses to have relationship with stranger after divorce, strange punishment video goes viral


BanglaHunt Desk: Relationship with other men after divorce with husband! This is a crime against peace. This is a big crime in the eyes of the residents of Sagai and Banshkhedi villages in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. One woman has to pay the price for this crime.

Currently, a viral video has gone viral on social media. Where it is seen how a woman is being punished by her ex-in-laws for having an affair with another man after divorce.

According to sources, the divorce took place with the consent of a couple from Sagai and Banshkhedi villages in Guna district. After the divorce, the woman became involved with another man. But the people of the woman’s ex-father-in-law’s house can’t accept this at all.

In order to have a new relationship with another man, the woman was given a fancy punishment by the people of her former in-laws. It has been alleged that the woman was forcibly taken out of the house and carried on the shoulders of an old man.

The viral video also shows several youths walking with sticks beside the woman. They are also teasing the woman. This video went viral after being shared on social media. With that came a storm of criticism.