Exactly Aamir Khan's 'Three Idiots', female railway police give birth on phone call


BanglaHunt Desk: In the popular Bollywood movie 'Three Idiots' (3 idiots) Aamir Khan is seen giving birth in an emergency. Exactly the same thing happened at Jhansi station. A female railway policeman helped a woman give birth in an emergency. Like popular movies, she gave birth by phone call. The mother and child are both healthy, they have been admitted to the railway hospital.

A female passenger of the Goa Express was likely to have children. At midnight her labor pains arose. The RPF was informed when the train reached Jhansi. Then RPF female sub-inspector Rajkumari Gurjar reached the spot and saw that there was no time to reach the hospital.

He then contacted a female doctor, a friend of his, and discussed the situation with her. After that, on the advice of the female doctor, the female police officer made a safe delivery in a phone call. Not only that, he also cut the placenta of the baby himself. After that both the mother and the child were taken to the railway hospital

Princess Gurjar said they found out late at night on August 16 that a woman on the Goa Express was in labor. Simultaneously he and SI Rabindra Singh Rajawat, SI Prachi Mishra and SI Madhubala reached there. Judging by the situation, he immediately called his female doctor friend. She gave birth and cut the placenta with a new blade as instructed.