Exactly Mohammad Rafi's throat, Jalpaiguri's Toto driver raises awareness against singing corona

A Toto driver went viral with a call to fight against Corona by singing a song by Mohammad Rafi. The video went viral after it was posted on social media. Five-faced netizens in praise

I wanted to be a singer. The artist Mohammad Rafi was chosen as the guru. But Abdul Mohammad Muzaffar, a resident of Chuia slum in Odlabari gram panchayat of Malblock in Jalpaiguri, has been forced to choose Toto as his profession due to financial reasons. But even though he is not a singer by profession, this Toto driver did not deviate from the duties of an artist.

Whenever there is a big danger in the society and the country, the artists engage in raising the awareness of their art. Abdul Shilpi did not forget that duty. Abdul is looking for a handful of open air by singing when people are emotionally broken during Corona. The passengers reached their destination as soon as they got on the Toto of this forty year old Toto driver and listened to the music.

He is also taking part in spreading awareness against Corona by singing in different areas. Abdul advises everyone to wear masks during Pujo and visit idols at social distances. He believes that one day he will sing on stage again. Bivore in that dream, Abdul is still continuing his pursuit.