Excited dog fell from the sofa while watching the game, watching the viral video and killing Netpara


Banglahunt Desk, Viral Video: Netizens are fascinated to see how the closest friend of human beings and devoted dogs have acquired human nature while living with human beings. In the viral video, there is a flood of likes and comments on social media.

A video tweeted by former U.S. basketball player Rex Chapman two days ago shows his pet dog sitting on a sofa next to a young woman watching her play. He once jumped up in excitement and fell down.

The young woman laughed when she saw that. In the caption to the video, Chapman writes, ‘We all miss the game. But maybe not like this good boy. 'The video is currently viral on social media.

Due to the current corona virus situation, all games have been stopped in almost all parts of the world for the last few months. Although some games have started in some countries, including football leagues, spectators are not allowed to enter most of the stadiums. As a result, the game world has not yet returned to normal. In this situation, there is an uncertainty about when all the sports-loving people will be able to go to the field and watch the game as before.