Exclusive: Arshad Warsi’s anger erupted on those who ignore comedians, said- It is a matter of great regret


Exclusive: कॉमेडियंस को नजरंअदाज करने वालों पर फूटा अरशद वारसी का गुस्सा, कहा- बड़े ही अफसोस की बात है

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Mumbai: Much awaited web series of OTT asura season 2 Jio Cinema has been released on the app. In such a situation, the star cast is also leaving no stone unturned to promote the series. in Asura Arshad Warsi, Dhananjay is seen playing the role of Rajput. Despite being an excellent actor, he has often been given the tag of a comedy actor. Who played the role of Rasool in Arshad’s Kind Asur Ameya Wagh But even in Marathi film industry this kind of tag has been imposed. In an exclusive conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Arshad Warsi describes comedy actors ascomediansHeard a lot of criticism against the people who typecast.

Arshad says that “I do not like it at all when people label him as a comedian. People have to understand that only a good actor can do good comedy. How many actors are seen doing comedy on screen? So the people who can do the best comedy, obviously they are the best actors. Doing comedy is challenging and difficult in itself.

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people don’t take comedians seriously

Arshad further said, “Usually those who do comedy. People don’t take them serious. People believe that he is doing comedy, so he cannot become an actor. But it doesn’t happen like this. Laughing is the most difficult task.

Arshad praised Govinda

Taking the example of Govinda, Arshad said, “Govinda is also a good actor. He does great comedy, but the way he has done emotional scenes, it will break your heart. He always used to win the hearts of people with his character. But it is a matter of great regret that people who have the talent of doing excellent comedy, do not respect them at all.

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