Exclusive: It is the duty of an actor to forget everything and act as soon as action is called – Shivani Chakraborty


Exclusive: एक्शन कहते ही सब कुछ भूल कर अभिनय करना एक एक्टर की ड्यूटी है-  शिवानी चक्रवर्ती

Shiwani Chakraborty On Acting: Actress Shivani Chakraborty has always been known for playing challenging roles. His serial Nimki Mukhiya was well liked in Uttar Pradesh.

Shivani Chakraborty

Shiwsni Chakraborty On Playing Negative Character: tv actress Shivani Chakraborty has Nimki Mukhiya I played the character of Gajwawali. Now once again Shivani is making a comeback on TV with a new serial. They Shemaroo Umang She is seen in the new TV show Shravani. In a conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Shivani talked about the challenges she faces while playing her character.

Shivani said that “Both my characters are completely different. Gajwa Wali was selfish but she cannot be called completely negative but my character in Shravani is completely negative. He is evil, very mean and it will be a fun experience for me to play this character.

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Shivani remains positive in real life

Talking about her character, Shivani says that I am very positive in my real life. But it is the duty of an actor to forget everything and act as soon as action is called. This is what I do, as soon as action is called, I get into my character. But as soon as it is cut, I become Shivani and we laugh a lot while joking.

Shivani will be seen in the role of daughter

Shivani said that she is playing the role of a daughter in this character. Before this, she has played the role of daughter-in-law. But this time she is going to be seen in a completely different style. However, he says that the actor’s acting means the journey between action and cut. On which there is a break with the cut.

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