Exclusive: It was scary to shoot the climax of ‘U-Turn’ in a deserted college that had been closed for 36 years: Alaya Furniturewala


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Alaya Furniturewala About UTurn: Bollywood actress Alaya F i.e Pooja Bedi Alaya Furniturewalla’s daughter film U turn Has been released on OTT. In such a situation, during the promotion of the film, Alaya has shared many experiences related to shooting with Tv9. During this, Alaya has also discussed the experience of working with the star cast of the film.

Talking about the most difficult scene during the shooting of Utern, Alaya said, “The climax of the film was very difficult. There was a lot of action in this scene and I had never done action scenes before. In such a situation, it was very challenging to shoot such a climax.

Know why Alaya got scared

Talking about the difficulties faced while shooting the climax of the film, Alaya said, “The climax of our film was shot in a medical college. No one had visited this deserted college outside Chandigarh for 36 years. It was quite strange as well and if seen it was scary too. Also there used to be a lot of rain. Due to which the cold had also increased. In such a situation, it was challenging for everyone to shoot for hours at night. Due to this my schedule also became hectic.

Shooting took place in Chandigarh for 45 days

Talking about the star cast of the film U Turn, Alaya said that all are very talented actors. Everyone was very funny and polite. In such a situation, from the beginning of the film till the end of the shooting, everything was completed very smoothly. We shot in Chandigarh for 45 days. During this, only U-turn was in everyone’s mind. The entire star cast of the film only talked about the U turn. For one to one and a half months, there was only and only U turn on everyone’s heart, mind and tongue.

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