EXCLUSIVE: See in the picture how the violence took place inside the Red Fort yesterday!

Bangla Hunt Desk: In the name of peaceful movement on the day of Democracy Day, the rioters did not remain silent only by carrying out violence in the capital Delhi. They hoisted their controversial flag at the Red Fort, where the Prime Minister hoisted the flag on Independence Day. After yesterday's violence, various questions are being raised today after the picture inside the red fort came to light.

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The demonstrators in the Red Fort carried out extreme violence. Demonstrators vandalized the CPWD office. Everyone is surprised to see the consequences of this peaceful movement of the peasants.

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The display of pictures inside the Red Fort in Delhi is proving anarchy. These pictures prove that the claim of peaceful demonstration is false. The intruders did not even leave the CCTV installed inside the Red Fort. All CCTV cameras installed for security were smashed.

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Inside the red fort, furniture is seen lying on the ground. And pieces of glass are scattered here and there. A group of protesters hoisted their flags at the Red Fort yesterday.

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After yesterday's harassment, Union Minister Prahlad Patel visited the Red Fort today. On the other hand, the Delhi Police Commissioner held a meeting with senior officials on the violence during the farmers' tractor rally.