Exclusive: Tarun Khanna has played the role of Lord Shiva ten times, said – I have nothing new to show


Exclusive: दस बार भगवान शिव का किरदार निभा चुके हैं तरुण खन्ना, कहा-मेरे पास दिखाने के लिए कुछ नया नहीं है

Tarun Khanna

Tarun Khanna In Shiv Shakti: TV actors to be seen in Colors TV’s new show Shiv Shakti Tarun Khanna He is known for his brilliant acting on screen. Lord Shiva Tarun, who is seen in the character of, has won the hearts of millions of people. But in this show, instead of Tarun Shiva, Devraj is going to play the role of Indra. Yes, Tarun is the much awaited show of Colors Tv. Shiva Shakti penance, renunciation orgy Will be seen in In which Tarun will play the role of Lord Indra.

Generally, the audience has always seen Tarun in the incarnation of Shiva. In such a situation, seeing Tarun in the role of Indra will be a completely new experience for the fans as well. However, Tarun has given a very interesting reason behind becoming Indra. In a special conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Tarun said, “I have played the role of Shivji 10 times in the last seven years. During this, I have done almost all the stories in different serials. That’s why whatever will be shown in the upcoming show. I’ve done that 10 times.”

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Tarun will not be seen in the role of Shiva

Tarun further said that “In such a situation, I have nothing new to show. Now if Shiv ji drinks Halahal then I will have the same reaction. When Sati dies, I will cry like that. Obviously Shiv ji is going to do the same thing every time. So from where will I get new emotions in me. Even if I want to, I cannot give much new in this. That’s why I have chosen a new character.

While talking about the bad image of Devraj Indra, Tarun said, “We consider Indra Dev as a villain in our stories. They have never been presented well in front of people. But in reality it is not so. He is actually the king of heaven. We say that if you do good deeds, you will get heaven. But according to the stories that is the king of heaven himself. He is the biggest lunatic. This cannot happen. That’s why I have worked a lot on this character of mine. I have put many maneuvers in it.

Tarun praises Indra

Tarun further says, “People have always ignored the bravery of Indra. The demons who have been blessed by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Tridev himself cannot kill him. Knowing all this, Indra confronts those demons. gets killed. But does not run away from there. This in itself is a matter of bravery. At the same time, after every war, Indra comes back again.

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