‘Exercise without sex increases natural glow’, explosive Srilekha with pictures without makeup!

BanglaHunt Desk: Once again, Srilekha Mitra came up in the news headlines. Earlier, the actress has been in the limelight since the controversy over feeding dogs in the lockdown. Once again, Srilekha has sparked controversy with a new photo.

The actress recently shared a selfie on her Facebook handle. However, the specialty of this selfie is that it is without filters and edits. Srilekha posted a picture of the original look without any cuts. He also made a collage with a picture of exercising in the gym.

Srilekha also gave the caption surprisingly. “Exercise without sex also increases the normal glow,” he wrote. However, there is a big difference between this selfie and the Srilekha seen on the TV screen. Lack of makeup and edits in this no filter selfie, the impression of age is clear. However, many have praised the courage of the actress.

Although not seen much on screen, Srilekha is quite active on social media. From time to time he shares various pictures and videos on his Instagram handle with the fans. He has posted bold pictures and videos in open clothes many times. He also knows very well how to say the straightforward thing.

Srilekha also remarked that Tollywood has had to pay a 'price' to open its mouth about nutrition. He has been removed from the judge's seat of a popular comedy reality show. The actress commented that she had to get this 'punishment' just to open her mouth.