Expenditure is more than income? Follow this rule to keep Lakshidevi satisfied


BanglaHunt Desk: We know Lakshmi (lakshmi) is very playful. There are many who are earning a living, but are not saving even a quarter of their savings. Everything is coming out like water. You can't save money even after hundreds of attempts. There is always a shortage in the world. Nothing is getting rid of it. Those people follow some special rules, then lakshmi (lakshmi) will always be present in your house.

  • Never place dried flowers worshiped on the seat of the deity. Decorate the seats clean and bald by throwing them in the river or pond.
  • Make bread and feed the first loaf to the cow or dog.
  • Keep the house clean every day.
  • Never leave milk or milk products open at home by mistake. In case of keeping it in the fridge, it should be kept covered.

  • Keep the pipal leaves in a place where your eyes always fall. However, you can change the place from time to time.
  • Put the picture of the person you think is the ideal of life in your wallet.
  • Take off your shoes and socks before entering the house. Never go next to Thakur's house wearing shoes.
  • Thorny trees increase poverty at home. So this kind of tree should not be planted.

  • Don't forget to place a basil tree on the south side of the house. However, it is better to worship the basil tree every day.
  • Never put money on the table.
  • If possible, plant a banyan tree on the east side of the house.