Explainer: How does ONDC work? Everyone from the shopkeeper to the restaurant and the customer will be benefited like this


Explainer: कैसे काम करता है ONDC? दुकानदार से रेस्टोरेंट तक और ग्राहक सबको ऐसे होगा फायदा

Everyone will be benefited from the shopkeeper to the restaurant and the customer.Image Credit source: Representative Photo

Online delivery in India has caused the most damage to any one segment, that is the local retail market and the livelihood of street vendors. This employment of crores of people had to fall prey to the arbitrariness of e-commerce companies. That’s why now the government has created such an e-commerce platform, which is useful for everyone. Its name is ONDC, let’s understand about it…

For a long time, small traders in the country were opposing the policies of e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart. He alleged that these companies do not provide level playing field to all online sellers to do business, promote their own sellers and charge huge commission. The answer to this is ONDC.

What is ONDC?

First of all let us understand that what is ONDC? Government of India has a Open Network for Digital Commerce Developed. It is an open source platform that connects sellers, customers and delivery partners. It works to sideline middlemen like Amazon or Flipkart from the concept of digital or online business.

Any seller registers on this platform, from which the customer can buy goods directly. As soon as the order is placed, its lead reaches the delivery partners, where they pick and deliver the order as per their requirement. Those who gave the country a platform like ‘Aadhaar’ in building this network Nandan Nilekani also has an important role.

Why is shopping cheaper at ONDC?

Now let’s understand how shopping on ONDC is cheap? Nowadays, most of the videos on social media are going viral regarding ordering from Swiggy and Zomato and ordering from ONDC. So its direct funda is… ONDC is a non-profit e-commerce platform. It has been developed by the Government of India.

Being a non-profit platform, the shopkeeper gets up to 30 percent discount on his orders like Swiggy or Zomato. No commission has to be paid. The customer gets the direct benefit of this and he can buy cheap goods. Although there is less awareness among people about ONDC, so people are not buying that much from this platform.

let’s say that ONDC is currently operational in 180 cities of the country. Nandan Nilekani, a member of its Advisory Council, describes it as the digital commerce space of the future, which after becoming popular can bring a stir in the market.

it’s very easy to register

It is very easy for any shopkeeper to register his business on ONDC. For this the shopkeeper or merchant has to create an account. After that, to get better customers, B2B or B2C category has to be selected. However, you can also select for more than one category.

After this you have to list your products and your work is done. You now have your own online store. But for orders to come, you have to connect with network partners. ONDC is an open platform, hence the complete framework of seller network, buyer network and delivery network partners has been built on it.

There are many e-commerce apps that help shopkeepers to register their shop or goods online. Such as MyStore, Seller App, Bizcom, Digit etc. You can see their complete list by clicking here.

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