Explainer: What is El Nino? This is how it harms your pocket and the country’s economy


Explainer: अल-नीनो क्या है? ऐसे करता आपकी जेब और देश की इकोनॉमी का नुकसान

Due to El-Nino, the possibility of drought in India increases.

These days the mention of ‘El-Nino’ ​​is being heard again and again. Due to this, the possibility of increasing inflation, deteriorating monsoon and drought is also being expressed. In such a situation, doesn’t it become necessary to know what is ‘El-Nino’? How does this spoil the entire account of the country’s economy and your pocket?

To understand in simple language, ‘El-Nino’ ​​is a meteorological condition formed in the Pacific Ocean, which affects the monsoon winds filled with moisture. Due to this, the weather of different countries of the world is affected. Australia, India, Peru, America and many countries connected to the Pacific Ocean come under its grip.

‘El-Nino’ ​​is the ‘angry uncle’ at the wedding!

In India, among the common people, ‘uncle who is angry at the wedding’ is criticized. So ‘El-Nino’ ​​can also be kept in this category. The only difference is that the name of this ‘uncle’ is Spanish and he lives in the Pacific Ocean far away from the land of India, and he sits puffed up before getting married in the country i.e. ‘before the monsoon arrives’.

In fact, when the surface of the Pacific Ocean becomes warmer than normal, then the cycle of winds running from Australia to Peru is affected. This seasonal phenomenon is called ‘El-Nino’. In normal condition cold air flows from east to west and warm air from west to east.

While in the condition of ‘El-Nino’, the warm winds moving from east to west start gathering around Peru or get scattered. Due to this, the pressure level in the Pacific Ocean worsens and its effect falls on the south-west monsoon winds rising from the Indian Ocean, and these winds cause heavy rains in India.

The ‘band’ of farming is played

Now it is a matter of marriage and if there is no ‘band’ in it then how will it work? So, due to ‘El-Nino’, the biggest band playing in India is of agriculture. Agriculture in India still largely depends on ‘monsoon rains’. Due to the effect of ‘El-Nino’, the distribution of monsoon gets disturbed in the country, due to this there is drought in some places and floods in some places.

Inflation spoils economy and pocket budget

Now, if you look directly, ‘El-Nino’ ​​has no relation with India, then how will it affect your pocket? But indirectly, ‘El-Nino’ ​​spoils the pocket budget of the common man. Along with this, it also affects the economy of the country. Due to the impact on agriculture, the yield is affected and the prices of food items increase. It means that due to inflation, your kitchen budget is bound to get spoiled.

Secondly, due to the impact on the income of the farmers, a big crisis of demand arises in the country. Along with increasing inflation, people start controlling their expenses. The result of this falls on other sectors as well. The manufacturing industry and the automobile industry in the country have to suffer huge losses due to this.

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