Explosive accusations led to US, China secretly causing nuclear explosion on the ground floor

BanglaHunt Desk: The corona virus that spread to Uhana in Hubei province of China late last year has caused panic around the world in a few months. Infection has spread, and the death has increased. Nearly two million people have been infected with the malaria disease Covid-8. America's situation is not the worst Corona storm right now. Nearly 5,000 people have died, six and a half million have been affected. Despite international sanctions, China has exploded a nuclear explosion hidden under the ground! (china) America makes such a serious accusation. The allegations brought by the US State Department report intensify the China-US conflict. This topic has been published in the Wall Street Journal. The United States has given various guns against China for several days. China has sometimes accused Coronavirus of creating organic pesticides, claiming that such a world-wide pandemic situation was created to conceal information about the disease. World Health Organization (WHO) has banned US grants from China over allegations of bias toward China.

This is the new complaint of the United States. The claim, Beijing's “Lure Noor” throughout China has secretly lowered noise under the ground, causing experimental explosions throughout China. This type of explosion is called 'Zero Yield'. The China-America duality is not new. Shi Jinping's book did not grow during that time. China has made more than one missile to seize America. This time, however, is turning to nuclear weapons? The 'Zero Yield' explosion does not produce any chain reaction. As a result, there is almost no chance of being a hitch.

The US State Department report says, “China has been preparing for a nuclear explosion in the Lap Noor area all year long.” There is no transparency as to why this is happening, what is happening, why it is happening. ” Although the report did not provide any information needed with this report. US Republican Senator Tom Cotton wrote on Twitter in response to the allegations that Beijing is modernizing its nuclear weapons and that the United States is sticking to its unilateral arms control agreement.

China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, “Beijing has suspended the nuclear blast test according to the rules. America is bringing complete false accusations. China has always been responsible in this regard. The US is corrupting China without any knowledge, without any knowledge. “

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