Explosive! Like Maradona, Pelেলের lives a stigmatized life without knowing the number of girlfriends and children


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Bangla Hunt Desk: When the football emperor was found, there was a time when Dapi played football. Brazil won the World Cup. There are several stigmatized aspects in the life of that Pel. One of them is Pel তিনটি’s three marriages and multiple children. Pelলে has reached eighty at the moment. When I went to Ashti, he suddenly claimed that I have three wives and how many children I don’t know.

Recently a documentary has been made about the legendary Pelকে. There are a lot of explosive information coming out about Pel যা, which the fans are really surprised to see.

Bangla Hunt

In that documentary, Pel জানিয়েছেন said that he has three wives but he does not know how many children he has. Pel also said that even after getting married three times in a row, I have been involved in more than one relationship. I had sex with all those girlfriends, many of whom gave birth to my child. But at first I didn’t know anything about that, I found out later. So I can’t say exactly how many children I have.
Pelেলের’s first two wives gave birth to seven children.