Explosive Mukesh Khanna again against Kapil Sharma show, made serious allegations!

Popular comedian Kapil Sharma's popular show Dadhya Kapil Sharma's show is in trouble again. Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna had earlier accused the show of being obscene. He did not even appear in the show, alleging that the show was obscene.

However, after this comment of Mukesh Khanna, his co-actor Gajendra Chauhan in the Mahabharata serial became vocal against him. Kapil himself opened his mouth against his allegations. In an interview with an all-India news outlet, he said, “I and my team are working hard to bring a smile to people's faces during this epidemic.”

He added, “It is up to man to choose between happiness and sorrow. I chose joy. I am serious about my work and will continue to be so in the future. ”

After Kapil's statement, Mukesh Khanna opened his mouth again. In his words, “I have no problem with making people laugh. My problem is with the way I laugh. When did I tell people not to laugh? There is nothing greater than a smile on a person's face during this difficult time. But there needs to be decency in making people laugh. That is not in Kapil's show. ”

Incidentally, a few months ago, several stars of the Mahabharata show appeared on Kapil's comedy show. But Bhishma alias Mukesh Khanna was not seen. On Twitter, Mukesh Khanna called Kapil's show 'awful'.

He also wrote a long post on Facebook about this. But later he also deleted it. The actor tweeted, ‘Truth is that the Mahabharata is incomplete without Bhishma. There is no question of not inviting. I didn't go myself. '

He further wrote, ‘Kapil Sharma show is famous all over the country but I think there is nothing worse than this show. The show is full of nonsense, double meaning and obscenity. Here, men behave badly in women's clothing and people laugh when they see it. '