Extraordinary initiative, Sonu Sood is delivering migrant workers home by renting buses in Lockdown


Banglahant Desk: Actor Sonu Sood has taken the initiative to bring migrant workers back to their homeland. He has arranged for the migrant workers to hire buses at their own expense and take them home. It is also known that he did all this with the permission of the government.

It is learned that the actor has arranged for the return of several migrant workers to his home state by renting 10 buses in the midst of the lockdown. The migrant workers will go to Karnataka from Mumbai. Sonu has arranged for the journey of the workers by collecting 10 buses at the lockdown and starting from carrying the cost of those things and standing at the bus stand himself.

However, this whole affair has been according to the rules. Talking to the governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka, the actor started doing this work only after getting permission. It is learned that the buses will run from Thane in Maharashtra to Gulberg in Karnataka.

In this context, Sonu said, ‘Migrant workers, like all citizens of India, have the right to reach their families in the midst of a lockdown. That is why he has taken this initiative. 'However, Sonu has extended a helping hand to the migrant workers of all the states, not just Maharashtra and Karnataka.