Extreme bawal in Pakistan because of the publication of Muhammad’s picture! One thousand Sikh pilgrims from India got stuck

Bangla Hunt Desk: Protests have escalated in Pakistan following the arrest of radical Ismaili leader Saad Hussein Rizvi. Three people have so far died due to violence at the demonstration. As a result of this demonstration in Pakistan, about one thousand Sikh pilgrims from India have been stranded in that country. All of them have been taken to Dera Sahib by Lahore Gurudwara. They were all going to Hasanabadal Gurudwara Panja Sahib. India has expressed concern over the protection of Sikh pilgrims.

Saad Hussain Rizvi

Sources said that the Indian government is keeping a close watch on the current situation in Pakistan and is in touch with Pakistani authorities to protect Indian nationals.

Saad Rizvi, the leader of Tehreek-e-Lawbik, had threatened the Imran government of Pakistan that if the French ambassador was not sent out of Pakistan for making cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, there would be protests all over Pakistan.

The group staged a riot on the streets of Lahore against the Imran government, demanding the expulsion of the French ambassador from Pakistan. Lahore police then arrested Saad Hussain Rizvi on Monday. Thousands of activists began attacking police in protest of the leader’s arrest. Police fired tear gas and water cannons to control the situation.