Extreme education in dragon India Red Chin was terrified to face the immense loss


Bangla Hunt Desk: China has responded after changing the rules of FDI in India. The Chinese ambassador to India called the change against the WTO rule. China has said that China has made huge investments in India. India has invested more than $ 8 billion in China. China's investment has created many job opportunities in India. The recent investment by China has no bad intentions.

He said the steps taken by India to curb China's investment are against the WTO rules. China has just written a letter to India, saying it could go to the WTO in the coming days.

The central government has taken stringent action on all investments expected from China. The government has issued an order saying that any country which is on the Indian side of the border should get permission from the government before investing directly from them. For a long time this investment would have gone through an automatic route. From now on, all countries including China have to get permission from FDI.

Effective FDI permissions must be obtained for management controls. Let me tell you, Germany, Australia, Spain and Italy have taken similar steps. All countries are being forced to take this step because of Corona. The only goal of the government's move is to take stringent measures on the countries taking advantage of the reduced valuation. The government recently made this decision after China's central bank increased its stake in HDFC by 5 percent. It is important to note that now, in the wake of the crisis in the whole world because of Corona, China is trying to increase its investment.

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