Extreme warning of DGP! The murder case will be filed against the Jamaatis if they do not give the information by five in the afternoon


Bangla Hunt Desk: Taking part in the Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi, Nizamuddin gave the Sitaram Maradi ultimatum to the DGP of Himachal Pradesh, who is receiving information about disease or foreign travel. The DGP clarified that under any circumstance this afternoon, full information should be given to the police, health department or district administration. If information is not provided during this period, a case will be filed against them for attempted murder. The DGP issued the video and warned.

It is to be noted that since the incident of Merkaz in Delhi, Corona-positive cases have come out in large numbers in the whole country including Himachal. Corona virus has been found in six out of six people associated with Tablig in Himachal so far. None of them contacted the police, administration. The police searched all of them and searched them.

So far, the police have registered five cases against 4 persons under the pandemic law for information collection. But Jamaat has not yet come forward and is sharing information. After the man's negligence, the DGP said that after five pm, if the police find anyone who has not informed anyone even after taking part in the Tablig, a case will be filed against him for attempted murder. The DGP said that despite repeated calls to all, no one came forward and gave information.

He said that such intentional information will be lost in the locale of other people's lives. And this is why they will be sued under IPC section 1 and 12 under epidemic law. So far, more than 20 Jamaatis have been sent to Quarantine in Himachal Pradesh so far. Still more are being feared as more than 20 Jamaat are hiding in the state.

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