Extremely insulted by Jinping, India was invited to the G7 summit but China was left out

BanglaHunt Desk: The organization of L7 countries came up at the top of the discussion again. A virtual meeting of the G7 countries is to be held on 19th February. At the meeting, new US President Joe Biden will discuss the Corona epidemic, the economic situation and their relationship with China.

The meeting will be chaired by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. India has been invited as a guest in this meeting but China has been left out. There is no end to the practice of excluding China from the meeting.

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Excluding China, it is learned that this year’s G7 meeting is going to be held in the changed international situation. Biden has now taken his place in the US masonry instead of Trump. On the other hand, China’s border relations with India, the host of the event, have also been heated.

But the question remains, why did China, which dreams of becoming a superpower, drop out of the meeting? Despite being the world’s second largest financial power, China was unable to attend the meeting. Because, although China is the most populous country, China’s per capita income is much lower than that of the G7 countries. In this situation, China has been excluded from the meeting judging financially.

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Besides China, Russia also did not participate in the meeting. As part of the G7 meeting in 1997, Russia was transformed from G7 to G8. But since the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, Russia has been excluded from the organization. However, although Russia has been repeatedly asked to join the organization, China and Russia are still left out.