Extremely unprepared line of love with a married man, controversial remarks with a facial expression, viral video at the moment


Banglahant Desk: Rekha, when you hear the name, you can still see an extraordinarily beautiful face with drawn eyes. Although no longer seen in any film or advertisement, the most popular actress of the eighties, the Living Legend is still one of the most popular movie lovers. He has acted in more than 160 films in his entire career.

He first entered Bollywood in 1970 with the film ‘Sawan Vado’. At one time, the actress also did 6-7 films a year. Then Rekha slowly began to withdraw from the world of acting. He has never done a picture or two in a year. Now this legendary actress is only seen at the awards ceremony. Rekha was last seen in the movie ‘Shamitav’.

Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan’s relationship has not been less heated in Bollywood. There is even a rumor that Amitabh’s name is on the line. However, despite being quite open about her personal life, the legendary actress was not seen to open her mouth much in this regard.

However, recently Rekha made such blatant remarks that he had to read in an extremely uncomfortable moment. Rekha recently became a guest judge on ‘Indian Idol 2020’. He was seen making fun of the judges and contestants. He kept the show alone by dancing, singing and laughing.

Recently, a new promo has been released for the show. There, Rekha and Neha Kakkar are asked by the show’s host Joy Bhanushali, have they ever seen a woman go completely crazy in love with a man? Tao is in love with a married man again!

Rekha immediately remarked, “Don’t ask me.” Joy was shocked by the actress’ response. “I didn’t say anything,” Rekha said immediately. There was laughter among the judges and spectators present. Joy said Rekha hit a six. Rekha laughed when she heard his words.

No one is left to understand what Rekha has pointed out to the rumors of her past relationship with Amitabh without naming him. Amitabh Rekha has worked together in many films. They were the most popular couple. But Amitabh married Jaya Bachchan. However, despite the death of her husband Mukesh Agarwal, the vermilion is still shining brightly. However, the actress’s statement in this regard, she caught the vermilion in the middle of the woman’s twin horns.