Facebook suggests no ‘Oculus Quest Pro’ this year

Andrew Bosworth, VP at Facebook’s Fact Labs, has specified some a lot more hints as to what’s in store for future Oculus hardware. In an audio Q&A with John Carmack on Twitter Areas transcribed by UploadVR, Bosworth suggested that even though previous year’s Quest 2 will be sticking all-around for some time however, the business is performing on headsets with larger abilities.

“People are also inquiring about the Quest 3, which does not exist but, and [for] all people who is listening to us who is a reporter — there isn’t a Quest 3, there is only a Quest 2.” Bosworth claimed. “But I did hint at an AMA before this yr about Quest Professional for the reason that we do have a lot of matters in development in which we want to introduce new performance to the headset together the sorts that people today theorize that we would want to introduce, and that’s a little means off continue to. It’s still not gonna transpire this yr.”

“For those who are curious, Quest 2 is likely to be in the market place for a while — for a lengthy even though,” Bosworth ongoing. “And it is going to be, you know, I assume the ideal bet for the most available way to get into VR and have a terrific working experience.”

The discussion is especially relevant correct now for the reason that previous week Fb announced the 1st title that’s exceptional to the Quest 2 headset — Resident Evil 4 VR will not run on the original Quest. Whilst the Quest 2 components is noticeably far more potent than its predecessor, the announcement could have made entrepreneurs of either headset cautious about Facebook’s lengthy-phrase guidance.

Carmack, now a consulting specialized officer at Facebook, explained he was “supportive of Quest 2-only exclusives but believes there is “still a really sizeable industry there in Quest 1 users.” Bosworth agreed, expressing “I expect the incentives to be for developers to aid Quest 1, completely. You are unlocking, you know, seven figures of more customers who could likely acquire your software — which is a quite fantastic offer when you can get it.

“The official remedy is that we may possibly sooner or later allow builders who have seriously substantial-finish apps to focus on Quest 2 by itself, but our very strong recommendation is to help both equally, and that is in fact what we count on to have occur based on historic norms,” Bosworth additional, implying that the Resident Evil 4 VR situation may well not be all that typical for now.