Fanaticism in the name of devotion! Twenty-one hundred people watch the Tantrik joke, disobeying the lockdown in Rajasthan


Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole country is suffering the punishment of Tabligi Jamaat in Nizamuddin of Delhi. And coronavirus has been found in many people participating in that class. Even many who participated in this gathering died. This time, another tabloid church, like Rajasthan, came out. On that occasion, hundreds of people took part in the lockdown and the coroner's eyebrows. The event was organized in Ramnagar area of ​​Bundi district.

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The Tantrik organized this in violation of the lockdown publicly. On this occasion the Tantrikas were busy showing their cause. And hundreds of people gathered there to see it. The ceremony was held in two different places in the area. The people of the village started gathering on the news of the ceremony near the temple, where a tantrik turned his head around and started doing tantra.

There was another event in that area. There, three Tantric sword swords continue to show the joke. People crowded the village streets and surrounding terraces to see the joke. Upon receiving the news, local police rushed to the spot and dispersed the crowd. The worry is that if a coronavirus is found in someone attending the event, a devastating blow will occur just like the Tabligh church.

Not to mention, a dozen new positive cases of Corona have been found in Rajasthan in the last 12 hours. With this new case, the number of Corona positives in Rajasthan has increased to six. Of these 3 people, 3 are expected to attend Tabligh Jama and 25 are expected to return to Iran from Rajasthan. Of the 12 new cases found on Saturday, 7 have connections to the Tabligh Jamaat.

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