Fancy initiative: Ganesha-Lakshmi made of dung will be worshiped in Kamadhenu Diwali, 33 crore lamps will be lit

Banglahant Desk: Pradeep will be made with cow dung. Ganesha-Lakshmi will also be created. This year's national Kamdhenu Diwali will be celebrated with things made in the country. The National Kamadhenu Commission has shouldered this responsibility. The 'Self-Reliant India' campaign will go ahead with their hands.

The life journey of the herdsmen will also change

On Monday, Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria, chairman of the National Kamadhenu Commission, said, “Many people make a living by selling and using products made from cattle.” This new initiative will make a difference in the lives of the country's pastoralists. While India ranks first in the world in terms of milk production, we are lagging far behind in terms of availability of milk as individuals.

“Cows are the backbone of our country's economy,” he added. Currently, the number of bulls has decreased, which has created some problems. However, increasing the use and promotion of products made from cows will also benefit cattle breeders.

Dung lamp will be lit in Diwali

Apart from lamps, candles, incense sticks, incense sticks, idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi used during the upcoming Diwali, various other necessary items will also be made. About 11 crore families in the country will light about 33 crore lamps this year, which will be made of dung. The whole city of Ayodhya will be transformed by the light of a lamp.

The Kamadhenu Commission was set up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise and utilize cows properly. This new initiative has also provided employment to many people in the country.