Far from Bollywood, Sana is honeymooning in Kashmir with her husband Mufti Anas, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan made a fuss by marrying a Mufti a few days ago. He said goodbye to Bollywood and started walking the path of religion. Then Sana suddenly got married to Anas Saeed, a Maulana from Gujarat.

Since then, the former actress has been posting wedding photos and videos on social media. After the marriage, Sana and her husband flew to Kashmir for their honeymoon. Recently, star photographer Viral Viani Sana posted a video on social media.

The video shows Sana and her husband Mufti Anas sitting on the verandah of a hotel in Kashmir. The former actress has a big smile on her face. Honeymoon with the people of mind in the sweet winter with the extraordinary natural beauty of Kashmir. It is understood in the video that Sana is very happy after her marriage.

Sana recently shared a video on her Insta handle. There she was seen reciting Ayatollah Kursi holding her husband's hand and keeping her eyes on him. In this way Sana and Anas are protecting each other from the evil eye of others.

In the caption of the video, Sana writes, ‘Protects you from the evil eye. Read every time after prayers and when leaving the house. Don’t forget to read this surah with your husband before he goes out to work. ’Sana’s video went viral on social media.

Incidentally, Sana recently shared some unseen photos of the wedding. As seen in the picture, Sana is dressed in a white Catholic gown. He is wearing white hijab on his head. Sana also posed with her husband Maulana Anas. In one picture, Sana is seen taking the blessings of the elders of the family.

The ex-actress also gave an emotional message to her husband in the caption of the photo. He Lt.Khen, ‘I never thought halal love would be so beautiful before I married you’. The pictures went viral as soon as they were posted. Earlier, Sana shared some more pictures of Mehndi ceremony and wedding.