Farhan’s poster was put up in the stadium to pay homage to Milkha Singh, sparking controversy

Bangla Hunt Desk: The sports world was naturally saddened by the demise of the legendary Milkha Singh. He is not only a gold medalist in the Commonwealth and Asian Games, but also holds the record for the shortest Indian runner to cross the 400 meters in almost forty years. For his outstanding talent, the then General Ayub Khan of Pakistan called him a flying Sikh. So naturally all India mourned his passing. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to famous actors, politicians, athletes, everyone has paid their last respects to this work. His last rites were performed with full state honors in Chandigarh on Sunday.

While everyone is paying homage to this masterpiece, the Noida administration of Uttar Pradesh made a big mistake. Popular actor Farhan Akhtar starred in the runner’s biopic “Bhag Milkha Bhag”. In order to pay homage to Milkha, a picture of Farhan was used in a stadium in Noida. Naturally, the controversy centered on this incident.

Anisha Dutt, a local journalist, first brought the incident to the attention of the administration. He tweeted a picture of Farhan next to the stadium’s race truck and demanded immediate action from the Noida Authority. Then the picture went viral naturally. Social media netizens have questioned how it is possible for the administration to make such a big mistake.

It is true that Farhan Akhtar prepared himself fatally for this biopic. The life story of this runner was well received by the people. But saying that such a big mistake on the part of the administration can never be accepted. Many have again put the Yogi government on the fence in this regard.