Farmers in Uttar Pradesh end agitation after talking to Rajnath Singh, Delhi-Noida border reopens


Banglahunt Desk: The agitation of the farmers of Uttar Pradesh against the Central Government has come to an end. Concerned about the general problem, the farmers have now moved away from the Chilla border in Sector-14, Noida. The border was reopened after about 12 days. The traffic system has also started. A final decision on the movement will be taken at a meeting of Indian Farmers Union officials at 12 noon on Sunday.

There will be another meeting on Sunday

After a meeting with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, the farmers decided to withdraw their movement. The Delhi-Noida border was opened. After this meeting on Sunday morning, the farmers' organization will decide whether they will stop this movement here or take it further. A few days ago, India called for an end to the success of the fair, and again on December 14, the farmers called for a hunger strike. However, there are 16 political parties on the side of the farmers in this movement.

Haryana farmers in favor of agriculture bill

On the one hand, the farmers have joined the movement for the withdrawal of the agriculture bill, while on the other hand, a delegation of farmers from Haryana went to Delhi to meet Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar. They requested in a written letter to the Agriculture Minister that the new agriculture bill of the Central Government should not be repealed in any way.

They further demanded in support of the new agricultural ball, the minimum support price and the mandi system should not be stopped in any way. This law is in favor of the farmers. If necessary, some changes can be made. However, this law should never be repealed. This law will benefit the farmers a lot, books will not be a disadvantage.