Fashion designer wearing crop top corona message cloth on train seat, severely punished for viral photo

viral photo: 20-year-old Mahari Thorson-Tyler has made a band with a message of social distance rules written on the covid seat cover of the train. The pictures of those crop tops have gone viral since they were posted on social media.

According to The Sun, Tyler, who is a student of fashion designing. He was selling his “crop tops” for 15 euros (Rs. 1493 in Indian currency) at the clothing application 'Depop'. The blue cloth was wrapped around the seat of the train, which read, “Leave this seat to maintain social distance.”

Tyler's picture of this dress has gone viral in the net world. However, being viral, it did not benefit him, on the contrary, it has caused loss. In violation of the rules, the app has banned the sale of these clothes. “This item clearly violates our Terms of Service, but has been removed by the seller and is no longer for sale on the platform, so we will take immediate action to ban this user,” the company said in a statement.

Although accused in an interview with the BBC, he saw the seat lying on the floor outside Marylebone station in London. He then fitted them for in clothes before advertising on the apps. He said he did not have money because of the epidemic so he wanted to earn some money by selling clothes with the collected fabric.