Fasting is going on, there is fear of Corona! Yet the Muslims shouldered the priest's last journey


BanglaHunt Desk: A priest who lost his life in lockdown. One boy away. Relatives could not come. In this situation, the neighboring Muslims gave him a shoulder on the last journey. Fasting is going on, there is fear of Corona. Ignoring everything, the example of harmony came up in the observance of human religion.

Many wearing white hats carried the body wrapped in a garland of marigolds on their shoulders. Many curious eyes saw that scene through the window. Many also took pictures and videos. In the meantime, victory is for humanity. Pictures of this harmony spread on social media. Ramesh Mathur lived with his wife and one son at the Muslim-inhabited Shahpir Gate in Meerut. His son Chandra Mouli Mathur said, ‘My father had a tumor in his esophagus. The treatment was going on for a long time. He died suddenly on Tuesday. My grandfather could not return from Delhi. No relatives could come to the lockdown. At this time, the neighbors came to our aid and took my father's body to the crematorium. 'He added,' All Muslims in our area are like our brothers. '

“Now is the time to stand by us all,” said Mohammad Mobin, a councilor at Shahpir Gate. Humanity should be identified. I am very happy that Muslims have stood by the family of the priest, overcoming the fear of coronavirus despite the fast of Ramadan.