Fear of Indian army has engulfed Pakistan, Imran Khan seeks Turkish help

Banglahant Desk: Pakistan, a supporter of enemy terrorist attacks, is now wrapped up in fear of India. Pakistani Chief Imran Khan is terrified of Prime Minister Modi's action mood. With the decision to hold elections in Gilgit-Baltistan, the Pakistani government is afraid of an attack from India.

Frightened Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, fearing an Indian attack, is now seeking help from his friend Turkey. Just as the Pakistani government sought Turkey's help in the Kashmir issue, this time too Pakistan sought Turkey's help in protecting itself.

The Pakistani government has also promised to take radar systems from Turkey to protect its country. Because of the way India retaliated against Pakistan after the Pulwama attack, this time Pakistan is trying to prepare itself. That's why Rottener has demanded a PTRX parameter surveillance system from Turkey.

This rotator's PTRX parameter surveillance system is portable so it can be easily carried anywhere. Also only one person is required to use it. This device is capable of scanning large areas automatically.

In the border area, the Pak army is not able to spread panic by entering the Indian border in any way. This is one of the reasons why Pakistan is using this powerful system taken from Turkey. With this system, Pakistan will be able to easily find new secret routes to enter India and send Pak troops that way, even if it is far away.

Pakistan may have forgotten that Indian troops are reluctant to lose. Earlier, Indian troops retaliated against Pakistan's attack. Imran Khan's troops will never be able to attack India by breaking the strict guard of Indian troops on the border.