Feeling hot? In the off-shoulder dress, the heat spreads in the lascivious avatar.

BanglaHunt Desk: Madhumita Sarkar is moving towards success at the speed of a storm by stepping from the small screen to the big screen. His second film 'Sugar' was released in Christmas last year. With that, the minds of the fans are going to win by doing a photoshoot with Palla.
Madhumita has always been active on social media. But lately that level has increased even more. After releasing the sugar, he came back from his favorite hill a few days ago. Brings a lot of energy with it. And after returning to Calcutta, Madhumita started working hard.

The actress has shared a new photoshoot. Matching makeup and eye-catching look with a black off-shoulder dress. Madhumita herself has realized that the warmth of Netpara will increase. Needless to say, this picture has gone viral at the moment.

Madhumita also shared a photo of herself after the workout on her Insta handle. She was captured on camera wearing white printed pants, neon green sports bra and black net top. He said in the caption, he is losing weight by eating sugar. Madhumita also said that the picture was taken from her shooting set.

By the way, this time Madhumita is going to tie the knot with Parambrata Chattopadhyay. The Parambrata Madhumita duo will be seen in the film titled 'Tadhangra Blues' directed by National Award winning director Supriya Sen. The screenplay will revolve around the Tangra slum in Kolkata. It is known that the two characters Parambrata and Madhumita are completely different from each other. But Suri unites the two. However, in the midst of this, murder became a thorn in the side.

All in all, it is needless to say that there is already a touch of tension in the story of the film. The name of the supreme character is Sanjeev Mandal. Madhumita will play the role of Joey. Parambrata himself is in charge of producing the film. Already shooting the last photo. Last minute work of post production is going on. This movie is going to be released soon.

However, the film will be released on the OTT platform 'Heechee', not in cinemas. Parambrata told Sangbad Madhyam in the context of the film, a social message will go to the people through this film. The actor also said that the film is in the place of his emotions.