Female police officer and her young daughter captivated on Mother’s Day, netizens fascinated by the video


Bangla Hunt Desk: Probably the biggest emotion for any human being is his mother. There is nothing in the world with greater emotion than motherhood. His affection, tenderness, love is always intimately involved with life. That is why it is said that Kumata is never a bad child. Mother’s Day has passed a few days ago. From celebrities to ordinary people. Everyone paid their respects to his mother. Now is the age of internet, so various emotional videos spread on social media throughout Mother’s Day. This time such an emotional video caught the eye of about 44 lakh people. The video, which went viral on Mother’s Day, was of a female police officer from Maharashtra. This is the subject of the video of the actions of his youngest daughter, how a disciplined female police officer, who is difficult to return from duty, gets emotional when she returns home.

But when you see this little love scene of mother and child, your mind will be filled too. As seen in the video, after returning home from duty, the police inspector saw Anita and started running after her little girl. No matter how much she was on duty, the female police officer could not hold back her passion for this little girl’s heartfelt love. He was forced to pull the girl closer.

The video, which went viral on Mother’s Day, has been viewed by over 4.4 million people so far. This video has already been liked about 265,000 times. As the saying goes, the greatest achievement for a woman is to become a loving mother. In this viral video, the Maharashtra police officer once again stirred up that traditional emotion towards his mother. The Corona War is going on in the country at the moment. And in the first row are the police officers of the country. They are working every moment, leaving the illusion of their lives as cowardly warriors. In this situation, this viral video has naturally taken everyone’s mind.