FIFA is going to make a big change in the rules of football after Corona


The whole world, as well as the sports world, is not affected at the moment. Due to Corona, all kinds of sports in the world are closed at the moment, the big tournaments of the world are closed. All the stuck football tournaments around the world will start shooting as soon as the effect of this corona is cut.

With Corona's influence, all the big football tournaments around the world will start together. This means that the pressure on the footballers will increase, this pressure will also increase the problem of injuries to the footballers. And for this reason, in order to reduce the number of injuries to the footballers, FIFA, the highest governing body of football, has proposed to increase the number of changes in footballers.

Until now, according to FIFA rules, each team could change three footballers during the match. However, this time the FIFA technical committee meeting said that from now on, each team will be able to change five footballers in each match instead of three. The FIFA Technical Committee has decided that in all FIFA-sponsored football tournaments, until 31 December 2021, each team will have the opportunity to change five players instead of three.