FIFA talks about giving financial packages to countries all over the world to fight Corona


Banglahunt Desk: Everyone has come forward to fight Corona. FIFA did not leave that place. FIFA has come forward to save world football in these difficult times. He said there was no shortage of money. Right now, they have the ability to pull off world football even if their mouths are shaking.

A few days ago, seven-time Slovak champion MSK Jilina declared herself insolvent. Nearly four hundred staff members of the country's football federation, like Uruguay, are on the job. Some time ago Juventus, Barcelona footballers said they did not have to pay the contract. Messi (Leo Messi) left 4 percent of the contract. Cristiano Ronaldo said he would not take four months' salary. Now the world's richest league is considered the English Premier League. The clubs that play in that league will meet next Friday to discuss how much the footballers will be paid. This incident says that there is a rage on the footballers all around. Again there is the opposite picture. In many countries, footballers are unwilling to pay their salaries. Nine footballers at the FC Zion Club in Switzerland have declared a direct rebellion. He said that they should not be given a wage. Colombian clubs have come down to raise public opinion on footballers' salaries. After all, the footballers are not behind in any way, as much as the general public is horrified by the Corona virus.

Not only because of Agnelli's plea, FIFA officials can understand where world football stands today! So Abhay has said, “You will not break down. FIFA lacks money. Soon this will be discussed. Then the financial package will be announced. ” It is reported that FIFA is planning to help 20 federations with about $ 1 million. The next four years have started thinking about helping.

The FIFA Board of Directors has decided that six Confederation officials will be in talks. The European Club Association has sent a letter to FIFA saying the situation is already serious. Andrea Agnelli, head of Juventus, heads the company. His application has highlighted the dire situation. “The fight for survival is now in front of clubs in Europe. Football has been stalled. From the footballer to the club staff, no one knows how to pay. I am worried about holding such an industry as big as football. I hope you come forward to help us. “

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