Fill the devotion of Hanuman devotee Saturn with devotion, happy days will return to the world

BanglaHunt Desk: When a bad moment comes in a person's life, it is said that Shanidev has caught his eye. So his life is not improving. Once Saturn's gaze falls on someone, it does not leave easily. So the bar is worshiped every Saturday to keep Shani Dev satisfied. Hindu women fast on Saturday and worship the god Shani. Wishing for the well-being of the family, praying for a healthy and danger-free future for all in the family.

Although Shanidev is called evil, it is wrong to say that Saturn is the god of misfortune. Shanidev is a deity of the traditional Hindu religion. He is the son of Suryadev and his wife Chhayadevi, hence he is also called 'Chhayaputra'. Shanidev, the god of death and justice. And he is the son and daughter of Suryadev and Mata Sanjna and younger brother of Yamdev and Jamuna Devi Like other gods and goddesses, Shanidev has a vehicle. He used to ride on the back of which he used to walk around different places of Devalok. Shanidev's vehicle was a crow, like one of his friends.

Shanidev is again a big fan of Hanumanji. So if Hanumanji can be satisfied, then one can also be freed from the evil influence of Saturn. Again, since Badar is a form of Hanumanji, if you feed a monkey soaked or fried chana every Saturday, the evil influence of Saturn will be removed from you. Hanuman Challisao should be read again on Saturday and Tuesday.

Again, without cleaning the flour, make only two loaves of bread with that flour and add a little mustard oil to it. Then one cow and one dog should be fed that bread every day. Even so, this Saturn can be saved from the evil eye of God. Or, after buying a horse's razor ring, after bathing on Saturday, first wash it with raw milk, then wash it with Ganga water, then hold the ring in the middle of the right hand by bowing to Shanidev. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.