Final fit even after becoming a mother, Koel danced to the tune of English song, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Koel Mallick has not let go of his fitness even though he has not returned to work yet after becoming a mother. She gave birth to a child at the same time last year. Even though Corona himself was infected, Kabir’s son Kabir was healthy. After giving birth to a boy, Koel started fitness training according to the rules.

Once again, Koel shared a video of his fitness training. The actress has been seen dancing zumba keeping her body and mind in mind. Koel was seen dancing with his own Zumba dance trainer. And after watching this video, it is clear how fit the quail is in reality.

Koel was seen dancing to English songs. He wrote in the caption, ‘Asus, everyone fits together. Today’s Zumba session. Had a lot of fun with this Pepi track. If you have a little time, learn the steps and dance with me. Let’s all fit together. And the first step is to smile. ‘

Incidentally, she enjoyed the taste of motherhood in the midst of the lockdown. However, the actress did not reveal any picture or name of the boy for 5 long months. Finally, in the auspicious moment of Durgasthami, Koel shared the first picture of the boy with everyone.

A few days ago, the actress shared a picture of her son Kabir on social media. The picture shows Koel standing with his son in his arms. Little Kabir looked very sweet in yellow Punjabi. Sharing sweet pictures of mother and son goes viral. Notably, the last time Koel was seen in the movie ‘Rakta Rahasdhya’. She is now on maternity leave.