Finally relief! Coroner's test for South African cricketers visiting India came out negative.


The South African cricket team is finally free of thought. South Africa cricket team came to India to play ODI series in March But at that time, the South African cricket team had to leave the series and return to the country due to the horror of the country. At that time, there was a horror of Corona in South African cricketers, but tests have shown that the Corona virus infected with the blood of the cricketers who came to India.

The South African team arrived in India to play three one-dayers with India in early March. The first match of the series was in Dharamsala but due to rain the first match collapsed and then the world began to panic. As a result, the BCCI and South Africa Cricket Board held a joint meeting and canceled the remaining two matches in the series. As a result, the South African team returned to Kolkata on 18 March.

Then all the South African cricketers returned to South Africa for 14 days in quarantine as a rule. One of the news stories that emerged was that the South African cricket team was staying at the hotel in Lucknow, where Bollywood singer Conika Kapoor was in the limelight. This led to renewed apprehension, but the chief medical officer of the South African cricket team said South African cricketers had no signs of coronas and the results of the cricketers who had been tested for coronas were negative.

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