Finally, the internet download speed in India has increased, said Ukla


BanglaHunt Desk: At the beginning of the lockdown in India, India's internet speed was initially reduced a lot. Internet speed gauge Ukla reports that internet speeds in the Indian capital, Delhi, have increased significantly over the previous week. The report also said that broadband speeds have not changed much in the world, including in India. India lags behind Sri Lanka and the Philippines in terms of internet speed.

The average speed of mobile download in India during the week of April 20 was 10.35 Mbps. Although higher than the previous week, it was lower than the week of March 2. The speed in March was 11.75 Mbps.

Internet usage has increased significantly in India since the announcement of the lockdown. Especially from 9am to 11am and from 4pm to 9pm. To address this new challenge, Internet users are urged to use Internet data responsibly.

Broadband speeds in India were 35.84 Mbps. This speed is 6 percent less than the week of March 2. The speed in March was 38.66 Mbps.

In Peru, speeds have dropped by 39 percent, while in Morocco broadband speeds have dropped by 27 percent. The average download speed in Taiwan was 110.46 Mbps. According to Ocla, the global broadband speed was 74.72 Mbps.