Finchak Puja sings with Corona, storms again on troll social media


BanglaHunt Desk: Coronaa virus is spreading all over the world with China. Even in India, people are terrified of the transmission of this deadly virus. So far in China, more than 3 people have died from the corona virus. Many people are infected with this virus. Without a mask, people are not leaving the house. China continued to die. The saddest news is that India has finally settled down in India. Already 20 people have been reported to have been infected.

Corona has been preaching all the time. Symptoms of the disease, ways of preventing the disease are all being reported to the people. Doctors repeatedly say not to spread false propaganda about Corona. The fear of the people is stirring up unnecessary fear. So try to remove the anxiety from your mind as you can. Someone is making fun with mim and somebody or korona has made music. One of them is the Finchak Puja. Yes, that's right, that Finchak puja who once shook the internet with his song. He went on to become popular by singing viral songs one after another.

This time he has appeared with another song. This time the content of his song is not a virus. He has tied the song to eliminate people's worries about the Corona virus. “Corona korona kam yeh karo yo karo ya karo ya karo ya kisi ko yeh ho na”, the song was heard in the voice of the finch of worship. Pooja made music at home. The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. The netizens returned with a smile.

Earlier, songs like 'Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj' and 'Dil Ka Shutar' were heard in the throes of the Finchak puja.

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