Fine 1 taka, 3 months jail for non-payment; The Supreme Court gave the 'punishment'


BanglaHunt Desk: Only 1 taka fine, 3 months jail if not! Surprised to hear? This is the verdict of the Supreme Court. A bench of Justice Arun Mishra has decided to impose a fine of Tk 1 till the end of the sentence of lawyer Prashant Bhushan, who has been fighting for the past few weeks. At the same time, the verdict said that if he does not pay a fine of Tk 1, he will have to serve 3 months imprisonment. At the same time, he will not be able to practice for the next 3 years.

After much debate over the past few weeks, the Supreme Court has finally ruled on Prashant Bhushan's sentence. A bench of Justice Arun Mishra on Monday ruled in the case that he would have to pay a fine of Tk 1. Otherwise he will be sentenced to 3 months imprisonment and 3 years from all kinds of legal practice. However, the judges refused to confront the journalists after the hearing.

The lawyer recently tweeted criticizing the work of the country's chief justice and four other judges. The uproar began after two separate tweets criticized the Supreme Court. The net crowd is divided. Just as many people have been full of praise for him, many people have strongly condemned him for these two tweets. A contempt of court case was filed against him on August 14.

From the beginning of the trial, the judges repeatedly asked him to apologize. But Atal Prashant Bhushan said in his belief that he has said what he thinks is true. He will not apologize for it. At the same time, he questioned whether it could be considered contempt of court to speak out against corruption in the judiciary.

Students also get beside this senior lawyer. A total of 122 law students from across the country also filed petitions in the Supreme Court in his favor His steadfast attitude has repeatedly brought the judges into conflict. In the end they fined 1 taka. Although it is a fine or a loss to the courage and steadfast attitude of Prashant Bhushan! Netpara is raising questions about that.

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