Finfin wet shirt coated with body, can not avoid the extreme appeal of honey


BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Madhumita Sarkar is shaking social media in one bold avatar after another. Madhumita has undergone a dramatic change to leave the series and enter the big screen. You will no longer find that old bird in his midst. This new honeymoon is more gorgeous, more bold.

Many people know that Madhumita is very active on social media. Fans are always sharing new pictures or videos. Madhumita's fan following on Instagram has crossed 9 lakh.

The difference between this honeycomb and that old bird of the serial is obvious. As her acting skills have increased from before, her beauty has also increased, the actress has become more bold.

This time Madhumita's picture is viral again. He was caught on camera wearing a thin wet shirt. Wet hair, light make-up, the actress is hitting sixes. Shah Rukh Khan said in tune, 'Palat palat'. Elderly, this is the net of the tilt.

Recently, Madhumita was seen in a small crop top mixed with light blue and white colors. Straps of slender strings are falling from the shoulders. The tattoo is peeking through the small hot pants. Madhumita has been captured on camera in an enchanting incarnation. It is as if this picture of the actress has given a new warmth.

Recently, it has been seen to be captured on camera without make-up HoneyWho. Wear sports bra gym pants and black shrug. An open smile was seen on Madhumita's face. As soon as the picture is shared, it goes viral on social media.

Earlier, the actress was caught in a black and white polka dot dress. Her hair was tied at the top of her head, white pearl earrings and light make-up made her look extremely enchanting. Madhumita also said in the film that she has finally found peace.