FIR in police against Genda Flower for dishonor of Bengali women


BanglaHunt Desk: Now a video on YouTube is trending, 'Rhinoceros flower'. Video of this song sung by King and Pavel Dev is now rotating in the mouth. But the controversy surrounding the song has not diminished. In fact, the song which he created is a man of Birbhum, named Ratan Kahar. This song, given his writing and melody, has been heard in Bengali for a long time. But the creator is not named in the video. There is no acknowledgment of gratitude. After much debate, now the only mention of the Bengali Folk Sense in credit. There are many issues surrounding the king's song 'Rhinoceros flower'.
The song has once again debated. A complaint has been filed against the director of the album, the producer and a reputed music company. The NGO Atmadeep has filed this complaint against the use of derogatory words and insults about Bengali culture and women. Today, the allegations were filed at Bijpur Police Station in North 24 Parganas on Saturday. That's what the Atmadeep authorities said.

In the words of President Prasun Maitra, the video album by the name of the rhinoceros flower is very vulgarly portrayed by the dancing women and Bengali women. I first warned the king about this. I said, you have to apologize or else I will take legal action. But he has not yet apologized. For this reason we have taken legal action. The way the song is used is very ugly. Besides, the Aarti was also shown offensively in front of the Durga idol. '

In fact, the king opened his mouth about Ratan Kahar a while back. He said he had no bad conscience with BT Lo's song. Many call him the 'thief'. But he knows how to respect other artists. The king said he was ready to assist Ratan Kahar in any way even in this situation.

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