Firefighters save newborns at the risk of their own lives, watch viral video


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: In this age of social media, various videos go viral every day. Many of them are government officials. A firefighter saved the life of a newborn baby by risking his life in a video that went viral recently. Seeing that, Panchamukh Netpara praised him.

Heavy to very heavy rains continue in different parts of the country at the moment. Many people have already lost their lives and property in floods in several states, including Assam. This list includes our neighboring state of Orissa. The flood situation has deteriorated there in the last few days. Six other officers, including the fire brigade, have been deployed to rescue the victims

Firefighters have rescued several people from a flood-hit area in Jajpur, Orissa. The viral video shows a firefighter bringing a newborn and his mother to safety in the floodwaters. This video has gone viral since it was posted.

The viral video was posted by Satyajit Mahanti of the Orissa Fire Department. ANI later posted the video from their Twitter handle. This video has already been watched by 22,000 net people. Praise is overflowing in the comment box. Everyone calls these firefighters 'real heroes'.

Apart from praise, anger has also flooded the comment box of the video against the Modi government. According to many netizens, the Modi government will have to take a test even in this situation. Again, some say, the Modi government cannot see all this. Watch the viral video.

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