Five countries, including Australia and the United States, want to investigate China's Wuhan Lab, under pressure from the Jinping government

BanglaHunt Desk: Five countries, including USA, Australia and England, want to search for uhana labs. They have important insights about COVID-19 and China is panicking. China has called for international cooperation. Five countries, including Australia and the United States, want to investigate China's Wuhan Lab, under pressure from the Jinping government.

As China continues, the source of the Uhan coronavirus remains a mystery. China first introduced a conspiracy theory that the US military had brought the deadly virus to Uhan, which is not normal. If recipients other than Xi Jinping's Lucky are from the past, such as the outbreak of SARS, which originated in the wet market in Guangzhou, it is believed that the Uhan virus originated in Wuhan's Huanan maritime market. Because the Chinese government mysteriously shut down the market after the first cases of the virus were reported. However, the United States has already begun investigating whether the deadly virus has “escaped” from the Vuhan Institute of Virology.

China on Monday rejected US President Donald Trump's request to allow an American team in Wuhan to investigate the origin of the novel's coronavirus, saying it was “not a victim or a criminal” of Kovid-19. Reacting to Trump's remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zheng Shuang told a news briefing here that “the virus is the common enemy of all mankind.” “It simply came to our notice then.

We are not colleagues for the virus, ”he said, reacting strongly to Trump's plan to send a U.S. investigation team. The death toll from Covid-19 in the United States has risen to 41,000 and the total infection is more than 64,000, the highest in the world. However, not only the United States, but also the United Kingdom and Australia are interested in investigating the WIV. Recently, Australian Foreign Minister Mary Payne called for an international inquiry into the origin of the coronavirus in China. Payne claims that there should be a global investigation without the involvement of the World Health Organization.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are all members of the Five Eyes – the world's most powerful intelligence-gathering coalition, which includes Canada and New Zealand. Worryingly, three of the five biggest players in Uhan see the significance of the need for a lab investigation. On Sunday, Australia joined the United States in investigating China's role and called for an “independent international” investigation into China's coronavirus outbreak and the origin of the epidemic. Australian Foreign Minister Mary Payne doubled President Trump's similar call, questioning the veracity of the Chinese Communist Party, saying Australia would “absolutely insist” on an international inquiry.

Now, why would countries like Australia and the UK also call for an investigation into the risks of their relations with China, if they don’t know? So the question is do the five eyes know more than we know? Probably, yes. The Wuhan Virology Lab works extensively with carniviruses, and provides innocent strong viruses without attacking the respiratory tract with the HIV-19 gene and the malaria-causing germs. Recently, French Nobel Prize-winning scientist Luc Montagniar sparked a new controversy by claiming that the SARS-Cavi-2 virus came from a lab and was the result of an attempt to develop a vaccine against the AIDS virus.